God Loves Brokeness

If you're like me you might have struggled with feeling good enough. This core belief is the most challenging hurdle many of us face in recovery. No where is this more evident than in our connection with God. No matter if you come from a high religious tradition or a low religious tradition, shame; the belief that our actions determine our value affects us all. I absolutely believed that because the behaviors I was participating in were terrible that I was a terrible person. Further, I believed that God wanted nothing to do with terrible people.

It wasn't until I opened the bible an read it that I started to believe there might be something wrong with this way of thinking. I was amazed by the number of accounts in the bible where God used a less than perfect person to do great things. I began to question why God would use these broken people. Why wouldn't He just choose someone who is perfect? The answers were obvious. First, no one is perfect or without sin. Second, our brokeness makes us relatable to others. Last, what better way to show others what God can do than providing them with a undeniable and powerful testimony. He did it for me and He can do it for you. Admit your are broken and remember when you are weak, you are strong.

Below is a fantastic testimony, 

Brokeness is beautiful.